My name is Alyssa Mae. And this is a formal introduction, and a look into my life. I am 24 years old, and I live in the beautiful city of Orlando, FL.

I am an interior design student, and work at a local lighting store. I really love it, and don't mind being surrounded by gorgeous lighting all day! I recently moved into a 2 bedroom house, which I have slowly begun to decorate and will show the before and afters in another post soon!

I live with my 11 month old Lab puppy, Gemma! She is my child, my best friend, and the best exercise tool I have! She is such a doll though, and rarely ever does she get in trouble =)

My nickname is Granny. I like afghans, going to bed early, gardening, and vintage furniture. My friends wont let me live it down. This is me dressed up as a granny for a photoshoot, haha.

I love that it is finally cooler outside, and I can ride my bike again. It gets WAY too hot sometimes during the summer. My friend Kelly and I like to take weekly biking adventures, and have fun picnics, or ride around until we find some sort of shop we have never been to before. I love that Orlando is so large, and that there are literally TONS of places I have never been to before.

Speaking of Kelly, these are my best friends, Kelly, and Natalie. Natalie Just moved to NYC last week. I'm so happy for her, it's such an exciting move, but boy, I sure do miss her! I can't wait to visit her though, she lives in Harlem with another close friend of mine from high school.

My favorite holiday is Halloween, I love playing dress-up! This was my make up from this years halloween costume, and I'll do a separate post so you can see the rest of the costume and my halloween party details! We had so much fun!

So thanks for getting to know me a little! Post a link to your intro in the comments if you have one, I love getting to know people!